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Saturday, June 23, 2012

What am I doing?

I write poems, arguably the most esoteric form of the written word (though code might have poetry beat). Writing is communication. When you write in your journal you are communicating with your own soul - or whatever you call it. As soon as you leave that format writing is meant to communicate to the souls of others.

My fingers are crossed, I hope that this place will help me communicate.

I am a teacher. I teach middle school. I like middle school kids. They are funny and interested in the world. They also have poor impulse control. It makes for interesting days... I am a mother, I have learned and grown more from raising one child than I have from any other undertaking.

In every beginning there is a hope. I hope...


  1. Hurry up and post some poetry. Suffer from breathless waiting.

    1. All right, Dad. It is done. I was just having some technical difficulties. How fitting that my dad should be the first to comment on my blog. Love you.